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Google always more similar to bing..

It’s since yesterday that google.com is testing a new home page with a more modern look than the actual old school one, and even a new result page.

This one is very similar to the result page you can find on bing.. with a new column on the left for applying filters to your searchs.

It seems that google it’s beginning to feel the competition from bing, and they are trying to take some ideas from their rival.

Here are some screens..


Firefox 3.5.4 available

Security and small bug fixes

Download Links

Firefox 3.5.4 (Windows)

Firefox 3.5.4 (MacOS)

Firefox 3.5.4 (Linux)

Firefox 3.6 Beta

Will be available on the late afternoon of  Tuesday 13th October.

It won’t be a great change from the current version of the browser but just implement bug fixes and some new hidden feature such as a new version of greasemonkey andthe support to new standard of CSS.

The end user should only notice a faster loading of web pages.