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Apple store down..

All the global stores are down since few minutes..

What should we expect?


Adobe takes Photoshop on the iPhone

Adobe Systems today introduced a new Photoshop app for iPhone  that gives users the possibility to edit photos from both their phone and their online library on Photoshop.com.

The app is free and offers some simple tools such as cropping, image rotation, color controls, and very easy one-touch filter effects that can change the look and feel of shots with just one finger. It also features undo and redo controls so that if users make a mistake, or want to revert back to the original, it takes just a few taps.

What makes the app notable (well.. besides coming fromAdobe) is that the entire editing control set works off gestures. Instead of using dials or sliders, users just need to swipe their finger across the screen to change things such as brightness or color values.

Source: Cnet