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This is really a hard life..

This post is just to let you know that in this period there are few posts because it’s a very full and hard period.

I know that every time I tell you this, but every time it’s the real fact.. I’m not a liar.

What’s keeping me really busy apart from the university exams that are draining my life is an important project that I’m taking on with one of my very best friends Mirko. (I don’t even remember if I’ve already talked about this before). This project It’s taking a lot of time to him too because he’s working very hard to realize many things I’m not able to do. So I take this chance also to thank him for the great job!!.

So, what about the project?

We are trying to build up a small company that will develop mobile applications. NightFarm is the company name.

At the moment we are implementing the code for our site.. It’s an hard work because it will be written using the latest CSS improvements, in order to give you a smooth and great experience.

We are also developing our first app starting from the design and the functions we want it to possess. For the moment I can only say that it will be a fantastic and useful app for photographers and people who like to take pictures.. 🙂

If you want to check our job visit the company blog, the site, or follow us on twitter 😉


Google always more similar to bing..

It’s since yesterday that google.com is testing a new home page with a more modern look than the actual old school one, and even a new result page.

This one is very similar to the result page you can find on bing.. with a new column on the left for applying filters to your searchs.

It seems that google it’s beginning to feel the competition from bing, and they are trying to take some ideas from their rival.

Here are some screens..

Site suggestion: 9Gag

just found this site..

I think it’s a very good concept of site.. very simple, minimal and user friendly..

There you can find very funny pictures or photos, save your favourites and share new ones..

Hope you like it.. Click on the image to jump to it 😉

R.I.P. Geocities (1994-2009)

26th October 2009… This will be the last day of the epic Free Hosting Space… Millions of people all over the world (not only Nerds…) used this service, with an unbelivable peak from the end of the 90s to 2001.

In 1999 Yahoo bought the company for $3.57 billion… And now, after 15 years of service, Yahoo will cut off power from the leggendary web 1.0 hosting space…

Anyway, this is a Web’s piece of history… If now, we are here with our Blog 2.0, with Facebook, Twitter and so on, We must say thanks to David Bohnett and John Rezner, the minds of Geocities… Thank you guys…

Facebook Lite

Finally facebook lite is now available in over 70 countries.. Italy comes always later.. 🙂

On fb lite you can view your news feed and publish a photo or a video.. it’s not possible to show only some category of feed suche as on the normal version.

It’s useful if you have a slow connection or just if you want a simple interface to cope with.

Facebook LIte


an interesting search engine based on google with a very minimal interface and an instant search feature while you type..