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A whole Bunch of New products from Apple

Apple have update a lot of thing today..

If you go on the apple store you could find:

  • a new redisigned iMac
    • now with 16:9 displays in two different sizes 21.5 and 27 inch with IPS panel
    • the top of the range has also a quad core i5 intel processor
  • a more powerful Mac Mini
    • 2,53GHz:320GB  or  2,26GHz:160GB
    • a server edition with no optical drive but dual 500GB HD 2.53GHz
  • a new policarbonate Macbook
    • unibody design
    • integrated 7 hours Battery
    • led display
  • magic mouse
    • so cool
    • multitouch interface
  • a new Remote that few have noticed
    • aluminium body


hard times..

Life isn’t going so well, so I decided to give it a little touch of happyness by self-giving me my birthday present a little before..

Today I bought a couple of Pocket wizards.. The new models 🙂 a mini TT1 and a flexTT5 cause I’m getting excited by strobism..

and the first shot with them..