APIs – Piximilar and PixMatch

When you are working on a photo-related web service or mobile app you cannot evaluate the contribute that some APIs can give to it.

Today I want to talk about Piximilar and PixMatch, both these APIs are developed by Idée that is specialized in inmage recognition and visual search software.

But let’s do a small summary of what you can do with the help of these solutions.


Piximilar Visual Search is an API that allows you to search through a large image database, without keywords or metadata, and it will find and show you similar photos, based on their content analysing attributes like colour, shape, texture, luminosity, complexity, objects etc.

Here is a video of this technology applied to a stock images database.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=986958&dest=-1]


PixMatch instead is a general image matching engine that lets you compare images, identify duplicates and filter them, everything on-the-fly and very fast.

There’s only one drawback of this API because it’s an hosted web service and you need to send your image collection via HTTP to their servers and even though it support huge collection, this could be a problem if you want to use photos you don’t host on your servers.

For more information check out the company site

But now let’s go back to us. What are the practical uses and application you can create with these sort of service?

At NightFarm we are evaluating to integrate these APIs in our, under-development, location based Photo service. Firstly to improve the results obtained from our search algorithm, so that we can exclude too many similar images taken in the same place. Then, imagine you are looking for a nearby place similiar to a photo you’ve seen on the web and show it on a map. This would be very useful and improve the user experience.


Commercial power

The hype created by a single phrase written on the apple’s web sites is fascinating..
There’s so much curiosity around it all over the web.. And this phrase is being out there for just one day!!
Apple has realized that there’s so much interest in their company that they don’t even need to organize conferences any more.. Of course we will see again their conferences.. But get used to this kind of announcement 🙂

The way we watch TV

pic by ~tomeqq

The time to update my blog is always few.. Anyway, this time I want to talk about TVs..

Everytime we want to watch a tv show, a movie or just want to see “what’s on”, we are used to sit on our sofa and turn on the TV.. But the way we are doing that is going to change in the next future.. Maybe we’ll do the same gestures but the way programs will reach our screen will undergo some serious changes.

Let’s talk about the TV as we know it today.. The programs we watch are usually provided by the major broadcasting organisations such as the world famous BBC, or SKY, Mediaset and RAI in Italy.. They are usually aired via antenna, cable or sat and we watch them on a classic Tv. They can be free and transmitted thanks to the money granted by advertising, or we have to pay a subscription in order to enjoy them.

Quite any of this services provides a large variety of channels but we are obliged to follow the palimpsest decided by the supplying company, without the chance to decide what we want to see apart from the possibility to scroll through the many channels..

And what about when there’s nothing we like?…

Well.. this is where the future TV comes in.. Internet TV.

Internet tv is infact one of the hottest topic between the giants of  technology.. For exemple It’s since a while that Apple is interested in this kind of entertainment by giving the opportunity to rent movies or buy Tv shows online via their iTunes store, and now, as most of us already know, that even google is interested in providing a WebTv service that will be called googletv besides the well known “home made videos and not only” site:  youtube. Apple also has its own device the appleTv that is useful to download or view videos directly with the tv which could be renewed soon and named iTV.

So what are the strong point of the Internet TV?

  • First of all it’s surely the customization. You watch what you want to watch, not what they want you to watch. (nice tongue-twister =) )..
  • Targeted advertising. We will see ads that responds to our tastes not only crap we are not interested in.

The hardest thing to control are prices that don’t have to be too high but they have to satify the content suppliers too. Probably the best solution is an annual or monthly fare with unlimited downloads. Apple is already working with producers for this and probably even Google too..

Future is next, and the challenges that the incoming companies and the old-style one will face are many. I think that BBC & co. will have to review their strategy very soon, because internet Tv will take a very big slice of their market.

Free Thoughts

Some things make you feel bad, really bad and make you cry everyday. Things that you’d never expected or even thought about them.

But I’m learning that those things are the ones that let you learn the most, they make you grow. A lot.

Therefore I don’t mind feeling bad, I don’t mind for how long or how much I’ll have to feel like this.. I care to grow and learn as much as I can. Every day I want to learn something new, always more.

And in this period I feel like I’m growing and learning so much.

I’m learning to relate more with people, to speak a lot and  to be more self confident, I’m learning to wait for the right moment;






I’m learning to love…




This is really a hard life..

This post is just to let you know that in this period there are few posts because it’s a very full and hard period.

I know that every time I tell you this, but every time it’s the real fact.. I’m not a liar.

What’s keeping me really busy apart from the university exams that are draining my life is an important project that I’m taking on with one of my very best friends Mirko. (I don’t even remember if I’ve already talked about this before). This project It’s taking a lot of time to him too because he’s working very hard to realize many things I’m not able to do. So I take this chance also to thank him for the great job!!.

So, what about the project?

We are trying to build up a small company that will develop mobile applications. NightFarm is the company name.

At the moment we are implementing the code for our site.. It’s an hard work because it will be written using the latest CSS improvements, in order to give you a smooth and great experience.

We are also developing our first app starting from the design and the functions we want it to possess. For the moment I can only say that it will be a fantastic and useful app for photographers and people who like to take pictures.. 🙂

If you want to check our job visit the company blog, the site, or follow us on twitter 😉

One year after..

One year has already passed by after his death..
We greet you Michael and hope you’re doing well and finally enjoy your peace..

Flickr Redesign

Finally flickr has changed a little its quite old user interface..

You should take a little time before you can fully enjoy it but then you’ll realize that is much better now.. More room for your pics and there’s even a “Turn the lights down” feature.

I especially like the map view on the right and the fact that always more sites are giving importance to the geotagging feature.

for more information visit the flickr blog

Google adds backgrounds to Home Page

It seems that Mountain View is getting the best from the rivalry with Microsoft Bing and from this morning on my Italian Home Page, I can see a very very high quality picture as a backgrund instead of the old white and clean abitual background.

It is also possible to choose your favourite picture from a bunch, or to use your photos from Picasa or directly from your Computer… Google also give you some advices about the best pictures for you… That’s a nice restyling!

Apple reinventing videocalls?

Apart from the all new stunning piece of engineering that is the last creation by Apple, the iPhone 4, that surely everyone will talk about.. I wanna talk about one particular new feature for this device, Apple calls it FaceTime, but as a matter of fact it’s simply videocalls.

Not so many years ago many mobile devices manufactures together with some carriers tried to launch videocalls, but apart probably from Japan they have not been a great success..

Now this makes me ask a question.. Why?

Well I think it’s all a matter of costs.. How much does a videocall costs? Probably too much you will say.. 🙂

I’ve just said too much..  You can understand by yourself what I want to say 🙂

Waiting the WWDC keynote

Everybody is waiting for the keynote that will take place today, June 7th at 10am Pacific.

As we get closer to the event many rumors and photos of new products are coming up.. But I don’t like speculation that much..

We’ll see what Apple will give us in few hours.. 🙂

If you want to follow the keynote I recommend you to go to macrumorslive.com it’s a great site to follow this event, since gizmodo this time is out of the game LOL

Update: it seems that also engadget will be present to the keynote.. you can follow their live updates here