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Commercial power

The hype created by a single phrase written on the apple’s web sites is fascinating..
There’s so much curiosity around it all over the web.. And this phrase is being out there for just one day!!
Apple has realized that there’s so much interest in their company that they don’t even need to organize conferences any more.. Of course we will see again their conferences.. But get used to this kind of announcement 🙂


One year after..

One year has already passed by after his death..
We greet you Michael and hope you’re doing well and finally enjoy your peace..

Interesting e-mails exchange between Steve and a Blogger

I am so busy in these days… Too many things to do and not so much time to write something here.

In the next few images, you can see an interesting e-mails exchange between Steve Jobs and a Gawker’s blogger Ryan Tate. It is very interesting how Ryan is able to gain Steve’s actenction writing avout Bob Dylan, a Steve Jobs’ guru… So that, Steve, that usually write very very short answers, this time is more involved… Read and Enjoy…

MacBook unofficial Preview

This is an unofficial preview from Vietnam…

The Adobe’s answer to Apple

Here you can find the PDF of the page that Adobe bought on the major American’s newspaper.

The Flash War is not end…

[to be continue]

Drag and Drop your image in GMail

This is a flash news… And it seems to be available only for Google Chrome at the moment, but from now it is possible to drag and drop your image into your e-mails body, and after that GMail gives you the opportunity to resize it in a simple way.

That’s nice… Thanks Google…


The owner of the Blog, Slacabos is in Miami for 2 weeks of holidays… And this is a picture he has just sent to me on my GMail account…

Slacabos with the iPad

He writes to me:

Do you buy it or not?

MacBook Pro Battery Life Problems

It seems that some users are facing some battery life problems with the new Macbook Pro (15” and 17”).

The battery life lasts about 6 hours instead of 8 or 9, because the system uses too much the second power expensive video card.

This is a topic to solve in Cupertino, but what can I say… My Asus F5SL’s battery life lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes… 😦

So that… My next machine will probably be a Mac… MacBook or Macbook Pro…