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Free thoughts

I’m taking a lot of my time thinking in these days, not that I don’t do it frequently but I’m giving it a very wide space in this period and taking it very seriously and it’s giving me a lot of the answers I need. I also want to thank one of my best friends who’s giving me the necessary support to go on when I fall down.

After this little digression about my life I wanna talk about about Apple, again. Yes, again because as you might have noticed I love this company, its products and the way they implement and bring on their ideas. They are taking their amount time to think like me as well, and whenever they present their new ideas, they do it greatly.

Yesterday Steve presented the 4th version of his OS for the iPhone. And he came across with some very nice new features that everybody was asking and waiting for, like multitasking. They’ve done it in a way that no other company is capable of, and I’m not talking as a fanboy or somewhat. They examined all the pros and cons that multitasking gives and developed it trying to delete all the problems it could give, like battery life. They managed to optimize the operating system to their hardware in order to get the most out of it. Like they do with with Macs. Apple is great in doing this job.

The other thing I want to talk about is iAd. With this platform Apple is entering in a totally new branch for them: Advertising. Putting the foot in Google’s (and maybe also Facebook) sector, that will be surely eating their fingers :). They have found a way to implement ads directly into the iPhone OS, giving the opportunity to advertisers and developers to take advantage of the huge amount of iPhones around the world and therefore widen their target to make some money. For the devs it’s a fantastic thing because Apple is giving them the 60% of their revenues from the in app ads, and even a small dev-house could take advantage of the spread of the iPhone without great effort. Without forgetting of the revenues coming from the app store. For the other companies it’s a great way and a new and so vast channel to advertise their products.

From the economic point of view (that is the one I am more interested in) iAd it’s another great step that Apple has done after  the iTunes Store, the App store and the iBooks store. The way this company works it’s simply astonishing and fascinating


ok, iPad is out..

since I think it’s useless to write down an article about all the features and things regarding the new device from Apple, I’ll just talk about my personal opinions about it. If you need more infos about the iPad just go on any other tech site and I am sure that they will talk about it.. 🙂 or simply just go on the Apple on here

Firstly I won’t buy it.. At least since there won’t be a newer version.. You’ll ask why.. Simply, because I’ll wait until someone will decide do put his hands on it and unlock it, and I’ll also wait for a memory upgrade, cause let me say it, 64 GB for the top one it’s just ridicolus.. It will fill up in just few seconds.. I don’t want a bigger iPhone that doesn’t even manage calls, and I don’t even want a smaller macbook with no multitasking..

That’s the point.. multitasking.. what if I want to be connected to skype and in the meantime I wanna read a book or surf the web?.. I just can’t..

It doesn’t even have a camera or a front one to ichat..

Well, It’s for sure a very cool device, really, I’m always astonished when I look at an Apple event, but the iPad doesn’t convince me from all the sight, it seriously needs a little more development from my point of view.. And since I’m not a person who just follow trends I’ll think about buying it very well..

The real big things about this device is that it’s going to be powered by a processor 100% made by Cupertino.. It’s nice to see that they are going to jump into a new business. The other one is the IPS display which I think it will be gorgeous. And the last one is the battery.. 10 hours of watching movies as Steve said.. if that’s true it simply staggering!

Maybe I’ll be wrong, but for the moment I’ll stick with my Macbook and my iPhone.. It’s way better.. 🙂

Johnny Castaway

Schermata 2009-11-12 a 15.14.30♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Finally, after at least 10years of huge pain, I can see my favourite screen saver of all times again..

I’m so happy! ♥ Really, You cannot image how much I loved this screen saver when I was a child..

I used to spend hours and hours just to look at the adventures of Johnny on the screen of my beloved 486

Thanks to VMware Fusion and to metalcolicfreak (who gave me win 3.1) for giving me the chance to relive this awesome experience.. XD

Ubuntu One – Your Personal Cloud

Ubuntu One

I’m writing this post, to make you know about Ubuntu One, an interesting feature developed by Canonical Ltd (The private company that stays behind The Ubuntu Project). Ubuntu One was born during 2009, and at this moment is in Beta release. By the way, it is free for a standard use, or if you need more you can pay 10$ a month.

So that… You can use Ubuntu One to back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One user.

To became an Ubuntu One user, you need to subscibe an account to Launchpad. When you have done this step, you can access to Ubuntu One, and choose your personal account, and it could be:

  • Free: 2 GB of private space on Canonical’s Servers.
  • Advanced: up to 50 GB of private space on Canonical’s Servers (at the cheap price of 10$ a month).

Now you are in… You can use it directly from your internet browser, or from the Ubuntu One Client Application (only for Ubuntu 9.04 or higher).

Ubuntu Client Application is already included into Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10, but you can install on your Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 following these steps:

  1. Update your system… go to System » Administration » Update Manager and click Install Updates.
  2. Add Ubuntu One PPA (Personal Package Archive) by clicking here.
  3. Install Client Install the Ubuntu One client from the PPA by clicking here (If you are not using a Firefox Browser, you can install the client by going to System » Administration » Synaptic Package Manager and searching for ubuntuone-client-gnome).
  4. Start Client Now that you have the software installed, you’ll need to authorize it. On your computer, click on Applications » Internet » Ubuntu One to start the process.
  5. Add Your Computer The final step is adding your computer to your Ubuntu One account. A web page will launch after clicking Ubuntu One in the previous step. Simply click on ‘Add this Computer’. Because this is your computer, it’s necessary for you to explicitly allow the software to access your Ubuntu One account.
  6. Start Using Ubuntu One You should now see a Ubuntu One icon in your panel. This is typically at the top of your Ubuntu desktop. Right clicking on that icon will give you a few different options including the ability to go to our web interface for managing files.. Congratulations! Now you can copy or upload files to get them into Ubuntu One.

With Ubuntu One, you can do a lot of things:

  • Share your files with friends, mates, co-workers and so on…
  • Update your notes, and read them from everywhere…
  • Update and read your Contacts, and access to them from everywhere…
  • Back Up your files, and get them from another Ubuntu PC…

What are you waiting for?!? Open your Ubuntu One Account now


I think I would buy windows 7 just for this tasty whopper.. :-Q_______

I love BK ♥ :-p

A whole Bunch of New products from Apple

Apple have update a lot of thing today..

If you go on the apple store you could find:

  • a new redisigned iMac
    • now with 16:9 displays in two different sizes 21.5 and 27 inch with IPS panel
    • the top of the range has also a quad core i5 intel processor
  • a more powerful Mac Mini
    • 2,53GHz:320GB  or  2,26GHz:160GB
    • a server edition with no optical drive but dual 500GB HD 2.53GHz
  • a new policarbonate Macbook
    • unibody design
    • integrated 7 hours Battery
    • led display
  • magic mouse
    • so cool
    • multitouch interface
  • a new Remote that few have noticed
    • aluminium body

Apple store down..

All the global stores are down since few minutes..

What should we expect?


another couple of  patent from apple for a new keyboard and a redesigned mouse..