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Godzilla Matsui gives 27th World Series to Yankees

Today, 5 November 2009 The History has been made. The New York Yankees take the Trophy back Home, for the 27th time in History of Major League Baseball.

After 9 long years of hard defeats (All we Yankees’ fan can’t forget the 2004 Game 7, the game that put the ‘End’ word to “The Course of The Baby, Babe Ruth”)… These were hard years, for people like Alex Rodriguez, the most payed player in the league that however never completes the task… It until last night… Now Alex gets the title…

All we fan must say thanks to Johnny Damon, ex-Red Sox (in the 2004 he ended the above quoted Course Of The Baby…), Damon becomes magic in Game 4, when he stole 2 base (first time in World Series History) and delivered the most important victory in the series for the Yankees..

Derek Jeter now, is permanently in the Yakees’ Elite, I think he was the MVP until Hideki stole the show in Game 6… 🙂 So that, Thank you Derek for your talent, your decision, and your professionalism.

But after Game 6, all the spot lights are only for Hideki Matsui, 35 years old Japan Player, scores 6 RBI (tying the record for a World Series Game), with an Home Run, a Single, and a Double (he was nearly to get a Cycle with a Triple…), so that he get the MVP Tropy for the first time in his carrer. His contract with Yankees is next to expiry, and this Game 6 could be his last game… But we hope that Steinbrenner renew that for at least 2 years.

Hideki Matsui World Series MVP