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Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Steve Jobs apple logo

‎”No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet, death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it, and that is how it should be, because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It’s life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.” Steve Jobs – Stanford University 2005


Italy and innovation

In the last times I am wondering what is the situation of Italian companies and which is the future of their economy, taking in consideration the steps that are being taken in innovation, research and development from both the government and the companies themselves.

From my point of view they are really awful, I mean, there’s no doubt that we are in an difficult phase for our economy and this bad economic conjuncture effects are lasting for more than expected, but, when I say awful I’m saying that we are navigating in bad waters more than we notice or think.

Of course there are big multinationals that are investing a lot in R&D or online customer relationship or whatever strategy that uses the power of IT [there’s one in particular near where I live (Brembo), that has even created a park for scientific development and it’s going to be huge], but most of the small and mid firms don’t even know the potential of some simple yet cheap instruments that internet offers to them.  For example, few of them has a simple facebook page and updates it regularly, or use a twitter account for interating with their customers, very few industrial companies use a voip client to keep in contact with their supply chain, and even fewer take advantage the virtualization to empower the production line and their control system.

Problem is that those small companies are the real engine of the Italian economy, and if they don’t wake up , they will be literally eaten by the asian competitors.

Besides this, let’s assume that a company has the ideas to implement an “online” strategy, which are the investments of the government for creating a solid infrastructure to sustain those business? None.

The possibilities to have a really high speed connection, like in fiber, are remote or the costs are prohibitive. Italians copper lines are too old and the pairs are always overloaded. There are no economic district where to do some joint venture. We are now (now!) investing in the high speed trains, and there’s still someone that does not understand the importance of them. We are years back.

We keep sustaining old big companies just to not lose our face internationally (it’s too late Italians!), and keep giving subsidies to the banks. Gosh.. If they cannot stand up with their own legs or they don’t  fall within the european requirement, it means that there’s something that doesn’t work!! We have people to the power that only look to their interests, and I’m not biasing saying this.

Even a lot of  young students are blind in front of this disastrous country, and most of them are even contributing to it by wasting their relatives’ money enrolling to university just because they don’t want to go to work.

Maybe, fortunately, not everything is lost, we have some young talented people that are creating some great startups, don’t make them escape abroad.

Free Thoughts

Some things make you feel bad, really bad and make you cry everyday. Things that you’d never expected or even thought about them.

But I’m learning that those things are the ones that let you learn the most, they make you grow. A lot.

Therefore I don’t mind feeling bad, I don’t mind for how long or how much I’ll have to feel like this.. I care to grow and learn as much as I can. Every day I want to learn something new, always more.

And in this period I feel like I’m growing and learning so much.

I’m learning to relate more with people, to speak a lot and  to be more self confident, I’m learning to wait for the right moment;






I’m learning to love…




This is really a hard life..

This post is just to let you know that in this period there are few posts because it’s a very full and hard period.

I know that every time I tell you this, but every time it’s the real fact.. I’m not a liar.

What’s keeping me really busy apart from the university exams that are draining my life is an important project that I’m taking on with one of my very best friends Mirko. (I don’t even remember if I’ve already talked about this before). This project It’s taking a lot of time to him too because he’s working very hard to realize many things I’m not able to do. So I take this chance also to thank him for the great job!!.

So, what about the project?

We are trying to build up a small company that will develop mobile applications. NightFarm is the company name.

At the moment we are implementing the code for our site.. It’s an hard work because it will be written using the latest CSS improvements, in order to give you a smooth and great experience.

We are also developing our first app starting from the design and the functions we want it to possess. For the moment I can only say that it will be a fantastic and useful app for photographers and people who like to take pictures.. 🙂

If you want to check our job visit the company blog, the site, or follow us on twitter 😉

Miami – between “la Blanca”, music, luxury, sun and stunning landscapes

Ocean Drive By Night

Photo by Me
This year has been my third vacation to Miami with a total of 6 weeks spent there, 2 weeks each time.

Probably it’s not right to say that I know it all because everything there is so huge that I’d need years to explore it, but I can say that I’ve learn enough about this city.

In the first two trips I was only a tourist, I visited the most interesting places, there are tons of them and they are simply breathtaking, I went to the beach, spent a day to Key West (a must) and got amazed by the quantity of Supercars over there.

This time though has been different, thanks to one of my friend who was there to work for 6 months in a row, I had the chance to live this city in a kinda different way.. More like a local I would say.. And believe me, that was one of the most beautiful experience of life.

I’ve ever wonder why there is so much luxury over there, in a city that frankly it’s not over the top in the pure economical point of view, in the sense of Banks and productivity I mean, probably many of you already known this, but I’ve learnt that Miami has been built thanks to the money derived from the cocaine trade by the years. Everything there has been done thanks to the white powder and more people than you can imagine are involved in this illegal commerce. Everybody knows that but noone seems to care very much about it.

I had the possibility to enter in some super-luxury condos, to go into some of the most famous and renowned club and tune in with the nightlife in Miami Beach.

Well, now that I’m home this is my humble point of view.. Miami is amazing, really! it’s like being in a movie, everything is fantastic and almost magical and I would return there on vacation as many times as I could, but.. yeah there’s a but.. I would never ever have a real life down there. Quite everything there is fake, in the sense that people are fake.. I’m not saying that everyone is the same ( in fact I met some very nice persons) but it’s very difficult to find someone trustful. There’s little sentiment over there and that is the most important thing.


so here I am.. I’m a doctor.. I’ve completed a great objective of my life and the first part of my 5 years university’s studies.. Now I’ll focus on the next part and the last two years..

Now apart from this I have to complete another objective of my life.. the most important and difficult and I’m already trying to do that every day even if it’s hard.. I don’t even know if I’ll obtain it but I’ll do my best for sure.

Free thoughts

I’m taking a lot of my time thinking in these days, not that I don’t do it frequently but I’m giving it a very wide space in this period and taking it very seriously and it’s giving me a lot of the answers I need. I also want to thank one of my best friends who’s giving me the necessary support to go on when I fall down.

After this little digression about my life I wanna talk about about Apple, again. Yes, again because as you might have noticed I love this company, its products and the way they implement and bring on their ideas. They are taking their amount time to think like me as well, and whenever they present their new ideas, they do it greatly.

Yesterday Steve presented the 4th version of his OS for the iPhone. And he came across with some very nice new features that everybody was asking and waiting for, like multitasking. They’ve done it in a way that no other company is capable of, and I’m not talking as a fanboy or somewhat. They examined all the pros and cons that multitasking gives and developed it trying to delete all the problems it could give, like battery life. They managed to optimize the operating system to their hardware in order to get the most out of it. Like they do with with Macs. Apple is great in doing this job.

The other thing I want to talk about is iAd. With this platform Apple is entering in a totally new branch for them: Advertising. Putting the foot in Google’s (and maybe also Facebook) sector, that will be surely eating their fingers :). They have found a way to implement ads directly into the iPhone OS, giving the opportunity to advertisers and developers to take advantage of the huge amount of iPhones around the world and therefore widen their target to make some money. For the devs it’s a fantastic thing because Apple is giving them the 60% of their revenues from the in app ads, and even a small dev-house could take advantage of the spread of the iPhone without great effort. Without forgetting of the revenues coming from the app store. For the other companies it’s a great way and a new and so vast channel to advertise their products.

From the economic point of view (that is the one I am more interested in) iAd it’s another great step that Apple has done after  the iTunes Store, the App store and the iBooks store. The way this company works it’s simply astonishing and fascinating

Very busy during these days.. :(

Sorry but during these days I’ll be a little busier than usual and the blog won’t be updated very often..

Time to accept it..

I’ve definitely abandoned my facebook account.. Starting from today I’ll only post my status updates on twitter until I’ll get a google wave account..

I’ll keep it just to get in contact with whom has not a twitter account and need to talk to..

See Ya

hard times..

Life isn’t going so well, so I decided to give it a little touch of happyness by self-giving me my birthday present a little before..

Today I bought a couple of Pocket wizards.. The new models 🙂 a mini TT1 and a flexTT5 cause I’m getting excited by strobism..

and the first shot with them..