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Cina, il nuovo impero digitale

Sebbene la Cina sia considerata ancora da molti come uno dei mercati emergenti in molti settori, non si può dire lo stesso per quanto riguarda Internet e il web.

Secondo uno studio effettuato dal Boston Consulting group (sulla base di dati provenienti da svariate fonti, tra le quali il China Internet Network Information Center) infatti, entro il 2015 si aggiungeranno altri 200 Milioni di utenti alla già impressionante  cifra di 700 Milioni di navigatori cinesi. Circa il doppio degli utenti di Stati Uniti e Giappone messi insieme. Cifre che fanno sicuramente girare la testa, se si pensa anche che il paese potrebbe quasi sicuramente diventare il mercato online di vendita al dettaglio più grande al mondo da qui a pochi anni.

Già, perché gli utenti cinesi non si limitano più a navigare per puro intrattenimento personale,  ascoltando la musica o guardando video sulle controparti orientali di Youtube (Tudou e Youku), come facevano nei primi anni di sviluppo di Internet dalla loro parti, ma si sono evoluti. Il loro livello di confort è cresciuto e adesso si interessano a una serie di attività più vasta tra le quali la più importante è l’e-commerce. Read More…


Instagram Business Model? Facebook Acquisition


Photo by franzrusso

As you know yesterday Facebook as acquired the mobile photo giant Instagram.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was wondering what could have the future reserved for Instagram, because I couldn’t figure out how the company would have monetized. The service is indeed free for everyone, starting from the app to the photo hosting, and since they haven’t put any interest in creating profile pages that people could visit from outside the app, there was quite no way to have some profit. I thought about selling promoted photos to show in the timeline, or promoted profiles, but for a company with such a service it wouldn’t have been enought.

And then.. here comes the acquisition. 1 Billion Dollars.

I’m pretty impressed by this decision from Palo Alto, the money spent does really worth the value? For me not, and I have quite some good reasons for saying this.

Zuck says that they are “committed to building and growing Instagram independently“, this means that they will not shut down trhe service, and this is really a good piece of news. Fact is that (always from Mark statement), the know how of the team will be used to improve the photo sharing features of the most famous social network. My point is.. If you were interested in developing your mobile app by implementing some vintage look to the shots, why don’t you use your many developers and just do that? I mean.. Insted of paying 1 billion dollar, you could have done it with just a few thousand.

1 Billion dollar spent in a company that doesn’t even have many chances to monetize, just a few days before the debut in the stocks market. We don’t also know the real value of Facebook until they do the IPO too, and from my point of view, and from their balance, they are already overvalued!

I think this probably the beginning of a new bubble.. the #socialbubble . We have already seen an example with Groupon that has lost great part of their value since the stock debut in the NASDAQ, who will be the next?

Tell me your opinions