APIs – Piximilar and PixMatch

When you are working on a photo-related web service or mobile app you cannot evaluate the contribute that some APIs can give to it.

Today I want to talk about Piximilar and PixMatch, both these APIs are developed by Idée that is specialized in inmage recognition and visual search software.

But let’s do a small summary of what you can do with the help of these solutions.


Piximilar Visual Search is an API that allows you to search through a large image database, without keywords or metadata, and it will find and show you similar photos, based on their content analysing attributes like colour, shape, texture, luminosity, complexity, objects etc.

Here is a video of this technology applied to a stock images database.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=986958&dest=-1]


PixMatch instead is a general image matching engine that lets you compare images, identify duplicates and filter them, everything on-the-fly and very fast.

There’s only one drawback of this API because it’s an hosted web service and you need to send your image collection via HTTP to their servers and even though it support huge collection, this could be a problem if you want to use photos you don’t host on your servers.

For more information check out the company site

But now let’s go back to us. What are the practical uses and application you can create with these sort of service?

At NightFarm we are evaluating to integrate these APIs in our, under-development, location based Photo service. Firstly to improve the results obtained from our search algorithm, so that we can exclude too many similar images taken in the same place. Then, imagine you are looking for a nearby place similiar to a photo you’ve seen on the web and show it on a map. This would be very useful and improve the user experience.


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About Stefano Giudici

International Business student, interested in social media management, marketing, innovation and finance. Love photography, motors, design. Mac user and geek.

5 responses to “APIs – Piximilar and PixMatch”

  1. kyletravis says :

    You should also check out LTUtech’s technology: wwww.ltutech.com

  2. Wai Phyo says :

    Bro, do you have any idea about the rough pricing of PixMatch API? 🙂

    And btw, I’m glad to stumble upon on your site and this post! All the best with your startup NightFarm. 🙂

    Wai (from Singapore)

  3. Stefab says :

    hi guys,

    we are a small start up and we have a similar engine like tineye is, our engine is very fast and it can scale, we can run a search in less than 1 second in a index of a few million images on a avarage server with a few cores.

    For a demo have a look at

    in this demo we index a video and we can search for matches, it’s a test to see if the engine is able to locate matches in cases of view angles and so.

    Our engine can run on your servers.

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