Free Thoughts

Some things make you feel bad, really bad and make you cry everyday. Things that you’d never expected or even thought about them.

But I’m learning that those things are the ones that let you learn the most, they make you grow. A lot.

Therefore I don’t mind feeling bad, I don’t mind for how long or how much I’ll have to feel like this.. I care to grow and learn as much as I can. Every day I want to learn something new, always more.

And in this period I feel like I’m growing and learning so much.

I’m learning to relate more with people, to speak a lot and  to be more self confident, I’m learning to wait for the right moment;






I’m learning to love…





About Stefano Giudici

International Business student, interested in social media management, marketing, innovation and finance. Love photography, motors, design. Mac user and geek.

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