Miami – between “la Blanca”, music, luxury, sun and stunning landscapes

Ocean Drive By Night

Photo by Me
This year has been my third vacation to Miami with a total of 6 weeks spent there, 2 weeks each time.

Probably it’s not right to say that I know it all because everything there is so huge that I’d need years to explore it, but I can say that I’ve learn enough about this city.

In the first two trips I was only a tourist, I visited the most interesting places, there are tons of them and they are simply breathtaking, I went to the beach, spent a day to Key West (a must) and got amazed by the quantity of Supercars over there.

This time though has been different, thanks to one of my friend who was there to work for 6 months in a row, I had the chance to live this city in a kinda different way.. More like a local I would say.. And believe me, that was one of the most beautiful experience of life.

I’ve ever wonder why there is so much luxury over there, in a city that frankly it’s not over the top in the pure economical point of view, in the sense of Banks and productivity I mean, probably many of you already known this, but I’ve learnt that Miami has been built thanks to the money derived from the cocaine trade by the years. Everything there has been done thanks to the white powder and more people than you can imagine are involved in this illegal commerce. Everybody knows that but noone seems to care very much about it.

I had the possibility to enter in some super-luxury condos, to go into some of the most famous and renowned club and tune in with the nightlife in Miami Beach.

Well, now that I’m home this is my humble point of view.. Miami is amazing, really! it’s like being in a movie, everything is fantastic and almost magical and I would return there on vacation as many times as I could, but.. yeah there’s a but.. I would never ever have a real life down there. Quite everything there is fake, in the sense that people are fake.. I’m not saying that everyone is the same ( in fact I met some very nice persons) but it’s very difficult to find someone trustful. There’s little sentiment over there and that is the most important thing.


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One response to “Miami – between “la Blanca”, music, luxury, sun and stunning landscapes”

  1. Mirko Bonadei says :

    Great Steph… Very very beautiful post…
    I hope you will tell me more tomorrow…

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