so here I am.. I’m a doctor.. I’ve completed a great objective of my life and the first part of my 5 years university’s studies.. Now I’ll focus on the next part and the last two years..

Now apart from this I have to complete another objective of my life.. the most important and difficult and I’m already trying to do that every day even if it’s hard.. I don’t even know if I’ll obtain it but I’ll do my best for sure.


About Stefano Giudici

International Business student, interested in social media management, marketing, innovation and finance. Love photography, motors, design. Mac user and geek.

One response to “Doctor”

  1. Mirko Bonadei says :

    Yay, that’s the way man… I’m proud of you, and I’m so upset because I wasn’t there today.
    By the way, you must stay clear and focused on your next goal… That’s the way, and I will be there!

    Happy Miami πŸ˜‰

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