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I’m taking a lot of my time thinking in these days, not that I don’t do it frequently but I’m giving it a very wide space in this period and taking it very seriously and it’s giving me a lot of the answers I need. I also want to thank one of my best friends who’s giving me the necessary support to go on when I fall down.

After this little digression about my life I wanna talk about about Apple, again. Yes, again because as you might have noticed I love this company, its products and the way they implement and bring on their ideas. They are taking their amount time to think like me as well, and whenever they present their new ideas, they do it greatly.

Yesterday Steve presented the 4th version of his OS for the iPhone. And he came across with some very nice new features that everybody was asking and waiting for, like multitasking. They’ve done it in a way that no other company is capable of, and I’m not talking as a fanboy or somewhat. They examined all the pros and cons that multitasking gives and developed it trying to delete all the problems it could give, like battery life. They managed to optimize the operating system to their hardware in order to get the most out of it. Like they do with with Macs. Apple is great in doing this job.

The other thing I want to talk about is iAd. With this platform Apple is entering in a totally new branch for them: Advertising. Putting the foot in Google’s (and maybe also Facebook) sector, that will be surely eating their fingers :). They have found a way to implement ads directly into the iPhone OS, giving the opportunity to advertisers and developers to take advantage of the huge amount of iPhones around the world and therefore widen their target to make some money. For the devs it’s a fantastic thing because Apple is giving them the 60% of their revenues from the in app ads, and even a small dev-house could take advantage of the spread of the iPhone without great effort. Without forgetting of the revenues coming from the app store. For the other companies it’s a great way and a new and so vast channel to advertise their products.

From the economic point of view (that is the one I am more interested in) iAd it’s another great step that Apple has done after  the iTunes Store, the App store and the iBooks store. The way this company works it’s simply astonishing and fascinating


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International Business student, interested in social media management, marketing, innovation and finance. Love photography, motors, design. Mac user and geek.

8 responses to “Free thoughts”

  1. Mirko Bonadei says :

    Let me say, “Congratulations, you have just expressed almost all my thoughts”.
    It was simple to ask, “Where is multitasking?”, and laugh about the iPhone OS’ lacks. But yesterday Steve, during the keynote, told us why this all-desired feature wasn’t within the OS.
    Simple, there was a little (I’m ironic here) rock to sorround, the battery life. With multitasking, the battery is hardly used by the OS, and its life could get shorter.
    Apple cannot change the batteries of all the iPhones sold around the world; so that they do one’s best with a great software workaround. That’s why Apple is right there in this historical moment.
    The iAd feature is another great idea, they are doing all the things to make the Apple environment able to move money.

    I only watched the Keynote during the speak of the man who loves dressing like me 🙂 What are the other 6 points (except iAd)?

    By the way, I hope you can came back here soon to write down something like this post, I like to read your thoughts 😉

  2. slacabos says :

    The other points are:
    2. enhanced mail app
    3. folders
    4. ibooks
    5. enterprise new features
    6. game center (like xbox live or play station network

    they are all great but not as much as the 2 mentioned in the article IMHO

  3. Mirko Bonadei says :

    Yep, I think that Multitasking and iAd steal the spotlights to the other six features.
    IMHO Game Center is also good to create a real network of gamers, and this is a key point for the iPad future.
    iBooks have a great success too.
    Do you know why folders weren’t present in the past OS’versions?

  4. slacabos says :

    ’cause they are idiots XD..
    no, probably because they wanted to do something pleasant to see

  5. Mirko Bonadei says :

    LoL 🙂
    Oh, ok… You will show me that feature when you’ll install the new OS. Will you upgrade, right?

  6. slacabos says :

    nope.. 🙂
    I’m still on 2.2 and even if I’d like to upgrade I can’t because first gen iPhone it’s not supported..
    Even the 3g doesn’t support multitasking.. only the 3gs

  7. Mirko Bonadei says :

    Oh F*~k 😀

    It’s time to give it to your parents and upgrade your hardware 🙂 LoL…
    I’m thinking up a plan to get a SmartPhone. Probably the Nexus One, I’m too nerd 🙂 But I’m like Ebenezer Scrooge in Christmas Carol… ^_^

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