This Is It

This is it

This is it, the last will of The King Of Pop. I think this documentary is a must see not only for the fans all over the world, but also for those people that denigrate Michael and talk nonsense about him.

My mind goes to the Italian News Agency for example… During all the summer they have misinformed the italian people about the real MJ’s situation. They talked about voice and physical problems maked MJ go crazy during the performance… But this isn’t the reality… This is It finally chase away all the shadows about these fucking lies…

In the documentary you can see MJ sing all his beautiful song with all the guys, and direct all the details, also the smallest… the voice and the mind was ok… But in my opinion the real MJ’s problem was the Stress for the first night at the O2 Arena…

By The Way…

This is it… A MUST SEE…


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