Open SSH 5.3 – released


OpenSSH 5.3 has just been released. It will be available from the
mirrors listed at shortly.
This release marks the 10th anniversary of the OpenSSH project.
We would like to thank the OpenSSH community for their support,
especially those who will continue to contribute code or patches,
report bugs, test snapshots or donate to the project during the
next 10 years.
This is a bugfix release, no new features have been added.
Bug Fix List
 * Do not limit home directory paths to 256 characters. bz#1615

 * Several minor documentation and correctness fixes.

Portable OpenSSH Bugfixes:

 * This release removes for support for very old versions of Cygwin and
   for Windows 95/98/ME

 * Move the deletion of PAM credentials on logout to after the session
   close. bz#1534

 * Make PrintLastLog work on AIX. bz#1595

 * Avoid compile errors on FreeBSD from conflicts in glob.h. bz#1634

 * Delay dropping of root privileges on AIX so chroot and pam_open_session
   work correctly. bz#1249 and bz#1567

 * Increase client IO buffer on Cygwin to 64K, realising a significant
   performance improvement.

 * Roll back bz#1241 (better handling for expired passwords on Tru64).
   The change broke password logins on some configurations.

 * Accept ENOSYS as a fallback error when attempting atomic
   rename(). bz#1535

 * Fix passing of variables to recursive make(1) invocations on Solaris.

 * Skip the tcgetattr call on the pty master on Solaris, since it never
   succeeds and can hang if large amounts of data is sent to the slave
   (eg a copy-paste). bz#1528 

 * Fix detection of krb5-config. bz#1639

 * Fix test for server-assigned remote forwarding port for non-root users.

 * Fix detection of libresolv on OSX 10.6.

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