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ok let’s restart.. ctrl-⌘-⏏


fuck you

a great song from lily allen.. (:

dedicated to may ones..

Time time time..

…….why do  always women ask for time? they always need to think..

And when you ask for it they get angry..

She doesn’t know what she really wants.. :S after about 2 years toghter!! Crazy..

I’m disappointed about this kind of things.. Cannot really understand..

Google adds Push service

Finally google has added the push notigfication to their gMail service..

I haven’t tried it yet cause I’m still on 2.2.1 for problems with the battery on 3.x but I’ve read around that it still needs some refinements cause it’s a little slow..

Hope that the big G will create a great service..

Preview: Ducati Hypermotard 796

Another great bike, another one to choose from.. :-S

I’ll become mad.. 😀

167kilos for 81HPand 75.5 Nm

It will be absolutely fun..

Let’s start with something simple.. SS time..

This is my mac desktop at the moment.. Isn’t it lovely? =)

printf(“Hello, world!!!”);

This is a bad day to start a blog.. Me and my girlfriend aren’t going well and I hope that everything will go back to the normality..

Anyway I decided to start this blog, it was since a few weeks that I was thinking about it and maybe now I’ve found the title..

It will talk about my real life in relation to my digital one.. What’s going on tech or on the web and what’s going on my life..

Hope you’ll find it interesting..

good reading 😉